The Bluetooth Beanie Breakdown

If you’re thinking of buying a bluetooth beanie or just heard about them and wonder what the deal is, read on.

Since the first ancient cave men first stomped around Earth with a club and bearskins, people have probably been thinking of ways to combine clothing and technology. Some of the products have been quite successful. Some of them nobody even remembers. Bone Fone, anyone? With the advent of Bluetooth and portable audio, however, the range of possibilities has truly expanded.

One of the latest trends in fashion — or is it audio? — is the Bluetooth beanie.

The beanie has been a staple of everything from urban cool to sporting style for a few decades now. With the huge popularity of portable personal audio in digital form, it’s almost a no-brainer that we would all love a cool, comfy, and crisp audio way to have our favorite beanie, with Bluetooth mobile audio built in.

And, that, in a nutshell, is the Bluetooth beanie.

But more specifically, what is a Bluetooth beanie?

Well, you know what a beanie is, right? Some clever companies have found a way to build durable Bluetooth audio devices right into the actual beanie, so instead of fumbling around in your pocket, or reaching up to a clunky pair of headphones that don’t fit under your hat, you just tap the controls and enjoy everything from crisp Bluetooth music to hands-free phone calls to your chums.

The basic Bluetooth beanie offers a woven hat with Bluetooth controls built-in, plus earbuds that fit inside the beanie. That’s the basics. When it comes to shopping for a Bluetooth beanie, though, you’ll find a wide range of aspects in the products covering everything from the basic style and construction to the quality of the Bluetooth, sophistication of the controls, and the ease with which you can keep the beanie clean.

So, what does a Bluetooth beanie do and what uses do I have for it?

First, it’s a beanie. Like any decent beanie, it looks good, helping you maintain some style on the street. At least, we hope so. Also, a beanie covers your head, so you can keep your dome warm when the wet weather and cold climate strikes.

A Bluetooth beanie also has built-in Bluetooth audio. No need to stick the buds in your ears, you just pair it up with your phone, and bingo, you’ve got audio on the go.

While you’re out and about, you can jam to some hot tracks, without worry about headphones falling off your head or your ears getting cold. And if anyone calls, you can take the call without pulling your phone out. And you can do that without looking like one of those cyborgs with the usual hands-free in your ear, or be having to swap over from your regular ear buds to a hands-free.

Sounds good (no pun intended)! What kinds of Bluetooth beanies are there?

First of all, there is a wide range of quality available in Bluetooth beanies. That quality covers everything from the fabric and construction of the beanie itself, to how well the Bluetooth works, how good the ear buds are, and how effective the microphone is when you have to take a call.

The next thing is that, obviously, if you’re shopping for a Bluetooth beanie, you’re automatically probably going to miss out on having the usual brand and model of beanie you might know is the right one for you. The Bluetooth beanie market is smaller than the wider beanie market, and there will be somewhat less choice.

So what kinds of things do I have to watch out for?


The first thing is that you want a beanie that looks good, right? So, the shopping can get a bit tougher as you might find a beanie that is the right size for you and has the Bluetooth and audio features you need but it’s not available in the style or color you want. Bummer.

You’ll probably want to look for a quality Bluetooth beanie that gives you a choice of colors, at a minimum. Even better is if you also get a choice of styles.


The next thing is that you obviously want your beanie to perform as a beanie. Look out for beanies made from quality fabrics and that have a good lining. Especially for cold weather use, you’ll want something like polar fleece lining. If you’re expecting rain or a heavy dose of wet snow, you’ll also want a Bluetooth beanie that is waterproof.


Finally, a Bluetooth beanie that doesn’t fit isn’t much use, is it? So you’ll need a Bluetooth beanie that is one size fits all or is sold by a company offering a range of sizes.

Audio Quality

On the other hand, this is supposed to be about audio, right? The best Bluetooth beanies will give you quality audio, with plenty of crisp clear volume on both music and phone calls. Watch out for buzzing audio, distortion at high volumes, Bluetooth connections that can’t support clear calls or a lack of volume. No good being out and about when you can’t even hear your tunes.

While we’re talking about volume, bear in mind that you need a good range for both music and phone calls. You need to be able to hear a caller and they need to be able to hear you, so the microphone has to be clear, free of background noise, and able to reach your mouth.


Sufficient volume of calls is a prerequisite but some Bluetooth beanies can be too loud or the design can be weak, meaning that bystanders can hear both sides of your call. You might enjoy that kind of thing. You may not.

Bluetooth Pairing

A Bluetooth beanie needs to pair easily with your phone and not lose that connection. If it doesn’t do that, you’ll feel like a wire is broken somewhere.


You don’t want to have to keep removing your beanie to figure out how to work the Bluetooth controls. An effective Bluetooth beanie has controls that are easy to reach, easy to understand, and reliable. They also need to be built to be durable.


Better Bluetooth beanies offer some great extra features. One-touch answering is really helpful to have. Being able to remove the ear buds so you can wash the beanie means you can keep your stylish cap in tip-top shape. Long-life battery. It’s total bummer if your Bluetooth audio dies on you halfway through the day, so shop for a Bluetooth beanie that offers plenty of battery life.

Capping it Off on Bluetooth Beanies

Soon, Bluetooth beanies will probably become just another one of those things that you can buy anywhere, with a gigantic range of styles, features, and quality. For now, though, they’re still quite new. When shopping for your Bluetooth beanies, keep our handy breakdown foremost in your mind and you should happily soon have the right Bluetooth beanie on your head.